Hip Hop Jesus

Hip Hop Jesus

Hip Hop Jesus

When I was seven years old, my family moved from the northern Michigan city of Cadillac back down to Detroit, the city of my birth. We lived in a rough and tough, mixed community in Clinton Township and I attended Rainbow Elementary School as a second grader.

The year was 1983 and there was a new type of sound that the older kids were playing on their boom boxes.

It was called Hip Hop.

I was instantly hooked by the hip hop culture. We would bring card board boxes to school, the wealthier kids would bring linoleum, and we would spend recess and after hours learning how to breakdance to this hip hop sound.

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Detroit’s abandon Central Rail Station.

Many years later, after I became a Christian, I was having a hard time listening to the hip hop on the radio, because of the lyrics that contradicted my faith in Jesus. If there were Christian hip hop artists, then maybe I could listen to Christian music.

It was about this time, when I was in the 10th grade, that I met a kid named Rick Rice. He was from Texas and introduced me to a hip hop artist who was simply amazing. He could have been famous, money, girls, gold records, but he chose this hip hop Jesus to be his God.

His name was D-Boy and he was murdered by gang-bangers (gangsters who kill for the gang) in Texas because D-Boy didn’t just preach on his records, he went to the hood and evangelized to OG’s (the gang’s original bosses) and street thugs.

D-Boy was martyred for his faith in Jesus. Hip Hop Jesus was about to become famous. His music was ahead of his time. During this time period in my life, I also found some other Christian Hip Hop artists that gave me a firm foundation in Christian music. Bands like Freedom of Soul, Dynamic Twins, PID and T-Bone, to name a few, got plenty of play on my boom box!

Today, almost 90% of the music I listen to is Christian Hip Hop, although the artists names have changed (except T-Bone, he’s still putting it down for Hip Hop Jesus) the message remains the same.

Click play on the following video and you’ll hear that message. WARNING: The message is geared towards the Hip Hop community. This video is from Billy Graham Evangelical Association’s Peace With God Youtube Channel. 

-Paul Patrick


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