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ISIS is painting the Arabic letter "N" which stands for Nasaara or Nazarene or Christian. People all over the globe are now using it as a sign of support for Christians in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS: The Mass Murder of Christians

Killing In The Name of… If you haven’t heard the name ISIS or IS or ISIL then you have been living like a hermit in the snowy mountains of Southern Antarctica. ISIS is a Sunni Jihadist terrorist group that is an off-shoot of Al-Queda, and apparently of the Wahhabism sect, that has adopted the ideology […]

old red door

Overcome It or Closed Doors?

I just wrote this email to a friend of mine who is serving Jesus in another country. He and his wife are having a challenging time with their ministry. After reading it, I thought I should share it with y’all, in case it could help you too. I have changed some of the details to […]