ISIS is painting the Arabic letter "N" which stands for Nasaara or Nazarene or Christian. People all over the globe are now using it as a sign of support for Christians in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS: The Mass Murder of Christians

Killing In The Name of…

If you haven’t heard the name ISIS or IS or ISIL then you have been living like a hermit in the snowy mountains of Southern Antarctica. ISIS is a Sunni Jihadist terrorist group that is an off-shoot of Al-Queda, and apparently of the Wahhabism sect, that has adopted the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood (depends on your source as this can get confusing). ISIS stands for, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. IS is just “Islamic State” and ISIL stands for the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant”. Levant is a geographical term used to describe the area of land that consists of Cyprus, Jordan, Syria, Israel and the Palestinian territories.  So basically, ISIL is saying they are going to attempt to invade or control 50% of the middle east (two more countries are mentioned below). ISIL is the term the United States State Department uses to describe ISIS. The linked article states it doesn’t matter what you call ISIS, but I believe it does. Here’s why: the term ISIS is claiming an Islamic State in only Syria and Iraq, but the term ISIL is claiming an Islamic State in at least 5 very strategic middle eastern countries.

ISIS Desires Control of Middle East
ISIS (ISIL) hopes to claim stake in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine.

Lebanon is not mentioned in ISIL, but they are attacking Lebanon, so one can deduct that the Paris of the East is in ISIS’s cross hairs and some reports have Turkey supporting ISIS too. Looking at a map of the middle east, to your right, or above you if you are on a mobile device, imagine if all the previously mentioned countries were at war or under ISIL control!

Although Iran is mostly Shia Muslim, I don’t believe ISIL will attack Iran (yet), because Iran is far too strong for ISIL. There are two main denominations of Islam: Sunni and Shia. And they, for the most part, do not get along with each other.

In organizational structure, Islam is similar to Christianity. Meaning that Catholicism and Protestant have many denominations and those denominations fall under either Catholic or Protestant. Sunni and Shia have a similar structural make up: two distinct denominations with subgroups under each branch of belief.

The Mass Murder of Christians

ISIL has been murdering Christians and other minority religious groups, like the Yazidi Muslims, who have been trapped in the Sinjar Mountains, for months now.  And that is just in Iraq. In Syria, what ISIS has been doing has been a mystery for most of the West. Many of us are just finding out the massive carnage that has been done in Syria, including hanging people on meat hooks, disemboweling them and offering them up as human sacrifices to Allah.

WARNING: These videos are very disturbing and extremely graphic, showing human body parts and executions. I have posted this because some people don’t believe this is actually happening. People said the same thing about Nazi’s killing Jews and look how wrong they were. If we had social media in 1940 would things have been different? 

Humans Butchered to Allah in Syria (Website has other questionable material, not safe for work or children)

Human Sacrifice to Allah (Not safe for children)

ISIL captured the Iraqi town of Mosul, in July, and gave Christians and other minorities three choices:

  • Convert to Islam
  • Pay a Heavy (impossible) ReligiousTax
  • Flee Immediately

Many fled to the province of Nineveh, but many also were savagely murdered. Hundreds of Christian women were kidnapped and are now being sold into sexual slavery, or as ISIS calls it, “marriage”.


Women Sold into Sex Slavery By ISIS
A handful of Christian women, who were kidnapped by ISIS are being sold into sexual slavery in Mosul, Iraq. Photo taken by eyewitness on his cell phone.


The guy in the video link below, was a Christian, but converted to Islam to save his life after ISIS captured him and tells him to convert or die. They told him they would not shoot him if he converts. After he denies Jesus and recited the Muslim prayer of conversion, the leader says, “Okay, we will not shoot you as promised, for that would be merciful. Instead because you are (not a Muslim and was not praying the Muslim prayer) we will cut off your head instead.” Then they immediately cut off his head.

WARNING: This is a very graphic video of him being decapitated with a knife by ISIL.

ISIS Force Christian to Convert, Then Behead Him

In regards to the Yazidi Muslims, they fled to the Sinjar Mountains, about 50,000 of them, without food, water or shelter. Hundreds of their daughters were also kidnapped, raped and sold into sex slavery by ISIS. And tragically, many Yazidi parents threw their own children off the side of the mountains in order to protect them from ISIS raping and beheading their children.

It was about this time that ISIS declared an Islamic Caliphate or an Islamic State, publicly to the world.

I believe this is an end game scenario. Muslims who desire to have an Islamic State will use this as a rallying point, but perhaps not in the manner that ISIL has done. Perhaps ISIL will be defeated and an updated version of ISIL will be established to better unite those who desire an IS. After all, ISIS is an off-shoot of Al-Queda.

ISIS Murders Christian Family
Christian family murdered by ISIS terrorists in Iraq.

I have been studying both Christian and Islamic prophecy, in depth and with regularity, for about 2 years now and when I first read of this announcement, I was reminded of King Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue in the Book of Daniel.  The legs of iron on the statue represent the Islamic Ottoman Empire and the Feet of Iron and Clay represent the new Islamic (Caliphate) Empire. God’s declaration (through that dream) was that the feet of iron and clay will be the last empire on earth and that empire will be destroyed by Jesus’ return.

This will be done during my 17 month-old daughter’s generation.

The mark of the beast (the system of government/religion) that terrorizes the world and beheads Christians and other non-believers, I believe, is the Islamic Caliphate. This requires much wisdom as the Apostle John wrote in Revelation. You can learn more about how this end-game scenario was predicted thousands of years ago by the prophet Daniel and others by clicking here.

How to help our brothers and sisters in Christ

  • Pray that Yahweh, the father our our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, will provide for our family in the middle east. That he will send helpers, providers, protecters and comforters to Iraq, Syria and in the Levant.
  • Donate to organizations like MedAir: MedAir is in Irbil, Iraq and is physically helping displaced Christians with food, water, shelter and clothing. I personally trained with MedAir for situations like Iraq and Syria and we donate to MedAir every year.
  • Let others know: Share this post with your friends and encourage them to donate to MedAir.
  • Pray for protection for the middle east (and all of us) from this terror. Then…
  • Fast and Pray and ask the Holy Spirit how you can help.
Donate to MedAir's work in Iraq to help those displaced by ISIS
Donate to MedAir’s work in Iraq to help those displaced by ISIS

 What if this was you and your family? What would you say to the world? 

Iraq Crisis-MedAir Helps
MedAir photo of Christians fleeing their homes in Iraq.
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