Christianity in China

Christianity in China: Government Discrimination

Christianity in China 

Christianity in China is being eradicated. A church in Wenzhou has been destroyed by the Chinese government because the leaders feel the presence of Christianity will give investors the wrong idea about the region: That everyone is a Christian. Public and government officials are trying to eradicate Christianity in China, especially from areas of business. The New York Times recently stated,

“As Christianity continues its rapid rise in China, some believers feel discriminated against by public policies and say that the government favors traditional Chinese religions.”

The short video below goes into more detail about Christianity in China.


A leaked report from the government, titled, “Realization of Handling of Illegal Religious Buildings” states,

The priority is to remove crosses at religious activity sites on both sides of expressways, national highways and provincial highways.

However, other religions, like Confucianism and Buddhism are finacially and publicly supported by government officials as legitimate religions. In fact, government subsidies are given to certain Confucian and Buddhist temples, but Christian buildings are being, literally, destroyed and removed.

This video was originally posted on the New York Times website. You can watch the video by Jonah M. Kessel, in it’s original format here.

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