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A few weeks ago a friend of ours, Pastor Craig Simonian, of The Vineyard Church in Morris Plains, New Jersey posted a picture of an adorable two year old Tajik kid, Anush, on his Facebook page. Craig told the story of how Anush, over the course of 5 months, became so sick that he needed a liver transplant. Since Tajikistan doesn’t have the best medical facilities, Craig (who lived in Tajikistan for 15 years) and Anush’s parents, found a great transplant team in India.

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Craig orchestrated a phenomenal fundraising campaign that raised about $38,000 towards the $50,000 liver transplant procedure. When the fundraising plateaued, we connected and brainstormed on how we could raise the final $25,000+ for Dollivar (dad) and Anush’s transplant procedure. (At that time, Anush’s father, Dollivar, was going to donate a portion of his liver to his son.)

Craig and I came up with a Go Fund Me campaign, complete with a fundraising video, a small social media marketing campaign, including the hashtag, #SaveAnush to help generate momentum to help this amazing Christian family.

The Lord blessed their family and over $30,000 was raised in less than 1 week! We were amazed! So we set our sights higher and raised the goal to $40k.

Then we found out Dollivar had a hole in his heart…he was born with it. This was a severe blow to the family as Dollivar was not allowed to donate to Anush. So Anush’s mother, Saihuna, was going to get tested to see if she could donate life. 

Dollivar is now going to need surgery to close up the whole in his heart as it could cause his death if it is not fixed. On the night he found out about this situation, he said he could not sleep that night thinking how God used this situation (his son’s transplant) to help save his life too.

And then, a couple of days later, little Anush, his body ravished from chemo, became sick and passed away in his sleep at the tender young age of two years old.

He left behind an older brother and a loving mother and father.

And thousands of friends, that he will meet one day, who have been praying for him and his family for months now.

Please continue to pray for his family and they mourn the loss of a happy little boy and for Dollivar as he now needs heart surgery.

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