starbucks in taiwan

Starbucks in Taiwan

Starbucks in Taiwan

This morning I was sorting through some paper work when I came across an old piece of construction paper. On it was written one short sentence about the Starbucks at the Taipei Airport in Taiwan. I’ve been meaning to tell this story for three years.

Better late than never I guess.

This story finds my beautiful wife, our oldest daughter and me returning to the States after a 4 month media missions trip to Northern Thailand in 2013. We attended Media Light Asia’s 10 week film school in Chiang Rai and made a few videos for some missionaries living in that part of Thailand, as well, post school.

To say funds were running tight, would be an understatement.

After leaving Chiang Rai, we spent one day in BKK (Bangkok) and then boarded our flight to Taipei, Taiwan for a short layover before landing at JFK.

Our daughter was 6 months old when we left America and her airplane trip went flawless. She was a flying champion.

However, when we left Thailand, she was 9 months old and the first leg of the trip, BKK to Taipei, was not so much fun for her or us.

Or those around us.

When we finally landed in Taipei, we were tired. It was still morning and Mommy and Daddy needed a pick me up.

We needed caffeine.

We found my wife’s favorite coffee shop, Starbucks, again (we hit it up on our way to Thailand), but the line was long. So I sat with our daughter at our table in the food court, while Aimee went and got her breakfast first.

After Aimee returned it was my turn to get my breakfast.

And boy was I starving.

Those of you who travel internationally may understand what I’m talking about next.

I don’t eat a lot of airplane food because it’s not exactly the best for you. It feels like a ton of bricks are sitting in your stomach. So I skipped the food on the plane, expecting to have a decent airport meal (Asia has some great options).

There I am in line at Starbucks.

In Taipei.

tawain flag

And I found the awesomest breakfast option for me and ordered my food.

The polite 20 something year old Starbucks barista took my order and then proceeded to run my debit card.


No big deal, as this has happened a few times in Asia. So I swipe it a few more times.


He pulls out a plastic bag, covers the card, runs it through the machine.


I was heartbroken. I knew I had the money in the account and Aimee had just purchased her food, but for some reason, my card wouldn’t work.

Crushed, I thanked the polite and very helpful young man and went back to our table…

Knowing full well that if my card didn’t work here, it wasn’t going to work anywhere else at the airport.

Which meant I would not be eating for another 6-7 hours til our next flight to America.

I sat down. Defeated. And told Aimee what happened.

Did I mention I felt defeated?

Then over my shoulder comes a plate with my breakfast and the drink I ordered!

It was my Starbucks homie!

“I thought you might like some breakfast. It’s on me. Have a nice trip!”

this starbucks
Actual Starbucks where this story takes place.

He was smiling and after I thanked him profusely he went back to helping others.

Imagine how hard it was to keep in most of my tears after that.

My stomach was full and my caffeine tank was replenished because the Starbucks dude took me out to breakfast.

Soon we were on the plane and Rosa slept almost all the way to JFK.

I ate on the plane…thankful that I could.

And I thanked the Lord that the Starbucks dude bought me breakfast when I was broke, hungry and thousands of miles on the other side of the world.



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