Mercy and Knowledge

Mercy & Knowledge: Two Things The World Lacks

Mercy & Knowledge: Two Things The World Lacks

Jesus has a tendency to speak to me using visions, dreams and other unique situations. It’s not His only way he communicates to me, but it is one of the ways. Three nights ago I woke up in the early morning, around 4 AM, and asked Jesus what he wanted me to write about, as I had been lackadaisical about my writing for Him.

Then the Holy Spirit revealed two words to me: Mercy & Knowledge. The Holy Spirit put this thought into my heart, “Mercy and Knowledge (about God) are two things the world lacks. 

I contemplated what that meant and then went back to sleep about a half an hour later. For the past few days I’ve been researching and wondering how to write an article about mercy and knowledge. This research included opening up a few different translations of the Bible and looking up both words in the Concordance and then studying the verses that either mercy or knowledge was plainly written. (Some versions of the Bible included verses that were about mercy and knowledge, but didn’t included the actual words.)

For I desire (pity, mercy, compassion) and not sacrifice; and the (knowledge, doctrine, wisdom) of God more than burnt offering…

This blog post has been saved as a draft for the past two days because I didn’t feel what I was typing was what the Holy Spirit wanted me to post. So I waited.

Then last night I received my answer.

Kill Cops Protester

Early this morning (August 4th, 2016) I received a dream and a vision from Yahweh. The dream was first and this is what I saw:

I was in an American city (It wasn’t specified as to which city) and there were a few cop (police) cars parked in a way that revealed there was a dangerous situation at hand. I turned around and saw there was a shoot out in progress. A stocky white man, about 50 years old, had crashed his car into a dirt pile. He was wearing a white tank top, aka a “wife beater”, and an unbuttoned button down short sleeve collared shirt and khaki pants. As he was jumping out of the driver side, he pulled out his traditional shot gun and was about to aim it at the police.

The police fired first, striking the would be cop killer and his late model car multiple times. He died almost immediately. Before the gun smoke died in the wind, another would be cop killer ambushed the police officers from their flank. This new would be cop killer, a middle aged white man, dressed in similar fashion as the latter, had a police officer marked for certain death. It would have been a point blank head shot.

In this dream, I had my hand gun on me, and I quickly drew my Glock, aimed and squeezed the trigger, killing the second would be cop killer before he was able to hurt anyone.

He died immediately from a head shot.

Then I woke up.

I laid in bed for a few minutes then the vision took place. This time, my eyes were wide open and I could see an animation movie being played, like I was watching a video. But I could only see shadows of the vision, it wasn’t in color yet.

(This type of vision has happened a few times before, so I did what I’ve done in the past.)

Keeping my eyes open, I put my arm over my eyes and the vision played out in color.

Even though the vision was like an animation video, it was similar to the dream I just had about the cop killers.

This time it was about the US Military and civil unrest taking place in America. People were killing people at random, including taking up arms against the military and police squads.

This vision lasted about a minute, maybe two minutes at the most. Then it was gone.

Then the Holy Spirit said to my heart, “You (Christians) will need to show the world mercy and teach them about God (knowledge).” 

Cop Car Burns

The Apostle John, when he was a very old man of 90 something, wrote in the Book of Revelation 14:12

This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus. 

Whereas this verse was written about the Fall of Babylon, it does lend wisdom to us now. Our current government is going to fail and there is going to be civil unrest. We see the birth pangs of this movement of change now. It’s not a revolution, it’s a downfall.

When this happens, this downfall, our communities are going to need to understand, see and feel, mercy from us. Mercy helps people heal.

Anyone who has studied the Bible knows that Jesus said in Luke 21

When you hear of wars and uprisings, do not be frightened. These things must happen first, but the end will not come right away.

And we know that the Apostle John finalized his Book of Revelation with the hope of Jesus Christ

He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

Mercy and Knowledge; the world needs them now. What if they knew God forgives sin, perhaps civil unrest could become peaceful?

When Jesus died on the cross for your sins, he did so BEFORE you repented of your sins.

Before you knew you needed forgiveness, He forgave. That’s mercy.

With the same heart, we have to share God’s mercy with our neighbors before the civil unrest starts. We need to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Knowledge of God) so that the hope of change can take place in their hearts.

When we exhibit an attitude of mercy (pity & compassion) with another person, the seeds of love and hope can be planted.

When the Gospel is shared, in an environment of mercy, great and mighty things can take place. 

These visions from the Lord showed me that civil unrest is going to increase in dramatic ways here in the U.S. (and possibly in other countries) unless we Christians can help facilitate change.


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