John Fitts Missionary To Haiti

John Fitts: Haiti Missionary

John Fitts: Christian Missionary To Haiti

Our good friend, John Fitts, is in need of financial support for his work in Haiti. We are helping him with his fundraising efforts via GoFundMe. The following is a short excerpt from the Go Fund Me page.

To learn more please visit Go Fund Me by clicking here and donate to his ministry today.

John is a missionary in Haiti and has 14 full-time employees under his care. His ministry doesn’t receive an income for the work they perform in Haiti. He pays his staff out of his monthly stipend from his parent organization.

However, his parent organization had to make budget cuts and John’s financial situation is dire. Currently he cannot pay his staff and doesn’t have enough to live in Haiti. He’s surviving day by day. 

John needs to raise $25,000 to keep his 14 staff members teaching English and reaching their community for Jesus.

This $25,000 includes salaries, transportation costs, food & lodging, school supplies, day-to-day expenses & emergency funds for the rest of 2016.

Chadasha House Staff

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