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It’s hard to believe that I have been on dialysis, because of Stage 5 Renal Failure, for a year now. I had peritoneal dialysis catheter surgery last June and thought I would have had a transplant by now. However, we’ve (my donor and I) had a few delays with some of our blood work, so additional testing has been needed to make sure we are still compatible.

Lord willing, we can move forward with the transplant in July, but there’s a possibility that the transplant could be cancelled. During this past year, we put Servants Aid on hold. Sort of.

We had a few GoFundMe projects that some of our personal friends were working on, so we assisted with those fundraisers. We also consulted with a few missionaries, but mostly, our focus was on my health.

But when you have a calling…


paul's youtube channel

Vlogging Nation

A couple of months ago I started watching Youtube channels the way people watch Netflix. I would find a channel and watch all of that youtuber’s videos. And then it hit me.

Our Youtube Channel is horrible. It’s a catch all, like a junk drawer. I just throw (upload) all my videos on one channel without a cohesive purpose. There’s no order.

So that’s going to change. I’ve decided to up my Youtube game (channel) and start vlogging.


I don’t know what I’m going to do with my old videos. They gotten me almost 2 million views and over two thousand five hundred subscribers, but those videos won’t fit with the new direction I’m going with Youtube. (July Update Edit: I think I’m going to make them private, but still keep them on my channel. Then I can always share them when I need too.)

C’est la vie!

If you want to see a horrible Youtube Channel, check mine out before I upgrade it!

Click here to see it. And if you have a #Youtube channel, subscribe to ours to stay updated with our vlog.

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