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Save Anush


#SaveAnush A few weeks ago a friend of ours, Pastor Craig Simonian, of The Vineyard Church in Morris Plains, New Jersey posted a picture of an adorable two year old Tajik kid, Anush, on his Facebook page. Craig told the story of how Anush, over the course of 5 months, became so sick that he […]

An Egnatian brick

The Egnatian Way: An Ancient Highway

The Egnatian Way: An Ancient Highway¬† The Roman Empire was known for its remarkable engineering feats, including their superior road building skills. When the Romans built major routes or roadways, they were graded and paved (using stones), making travel and international commerce easier than ever. The Egnatian Way (Via Egnatia) extended from the Adriatic Sea […]

ISIS is painting the Arabic letter "N" which stands for Nasaara or Nazarene or Christian. People all over the globe are now using it as a sign of support for Christians in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS: The Mass Murder of Christians

Killing In The Name of… If you haven’t heard the name ISIS or IS or ISIL then you have been living like a hermit in the snowy mountains of Southern Antarctica. ISIS is a Sunni Jihadist terrorist group that is an off-shoot of Al-Queda, and apparently of the Wahhabism sect, that has adopted the ideology […]