John Fitts Missionary To Haiti

John Fitts: Haiti Missionary

John Fitts: Christian Missionary To Haiti Our good friend, John Fitts, is in need of financial support for his work in Haiti. We are helping him with his fundraising efforts via GoFundMe. The following is a short excerpt from the Go Fund Me page. To learn more please visit Go Fund Me by clicking here and […]

mercy reigns

Mercy & Judgement

Mercy & Judgement Earlier this month I woke up in the early morning, around 4 AM, and asked Jesus what he wanted me to write about, as I had been lackadaisical about my writing for Him. He responded by telling me three words, “Mercy and Knowledge”. So a few weeks ago I wrote a blog titled, Mercy & Knowledge: […]

starbucks in taiwan

Starbucks in Taiwan

Starbucks in Taiwan This morning I was sorting through some paper work when I came across an old piece of construction paper. On it was written one short sentence about the Starbucks at the Taipei Airport in Taiwan. I’ve been meaning to tell this story for three years. Better late than never I guess. This […]

Save Anush


#SaveAnush A few weeks ago a friend of ours, Pastor Craig Simonian, of The Vineyard Church in Morris Plains, New Jersey posted a picture of an adorable two year old Tajik kid, Anush, on his Facebook page. Craig told the story of how Anush, over the course of 5 months, became so sick that he […]

Hip Hop Jesus

The Top Ten Christian Hip Hop Albums

Top 10 Christian Rap Albums of All-Time Rapzilla, a Christian Hip Hop online website, recently asked the question: What 10 Christian Hip Hop Albums Impacted Your Life The Most? This question took me down the Nostalgia Road of my youth and I’ve been thinking about these Urban Missionaries and their impact on my life. I thought […]

Missionary Housing

Top Ten Reasons Not To Be A Missionary

Ten Reasons Not To Become A Missionary 1. Don’t Become a Missionary if You Think You Are Going to Change the World. First, high expectations doom to disappoint, but, also, maybe your desire to change the world is trumping your desire to serve. Ask yourself if you would be happy moving overseas to a much harsher environment in order […]