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Servants Aid provides professional Christian photography to missionaries for free. Everyone at Servants Aid is a media missionary. Our goal is to help Christian missionaries and small non-profits with their media mission needs.

Christian Photography Servants Aid Earthquake
Haitian Building destroyed in 2010.

If you write a newsletter, have a website, or do any content marketing, Christian photography is essential to your mission.  Media is the language that this international generation speaks fluently.

The language is media. Show them what you believe. 

And Christian photography can communicate your message to your audience.

Director of Design, Aimee Patrick, is our lead photographer. She was classically trained in film photography when photos were developed in a dark room and each click of the camera truly mattered.


patricks stairsThe Patrick’s attended media missionary school at MediaLight Asia in 2013. MediaLight is the film school for Emerge Missions, founded by long-term media missionaries, Chuck & Sherry Quinley.


Aimee received professional Canon DSLR photography training from the Quinley’s as well as professional field photographers.

In addition to film photography and DLSR training, Aimee excels at mobile photography thru her Instagram account.

Christian Photography Servants Aid Lynchburg
Are you ready for the greatest harvest ever?

Later this year, 2017/2018, we will produce a short Youtube Tutorial Video, hosted by Aimee, on the topic, “How To Utilize Instagram for Your Ministry.”

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