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Servants Aid provides professional media mission services to Christian missionaries for free. We are a media missions non-profit and our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian videos and documentaries.

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Do you speak the language of media?

Do you write a newsletter? Do you have a website? Social Media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Media is a language that this generation, regardless of nationality, speaks fluently. In Kenya, people use cell phones to watch futbol (soccer) games & to connect with clients, just like you. Tucked away in the Himalya’s, Nepalese value their mobile computers with the same enthusiasm.

You can be sure the people you are trying to reach for Jesus value their mobile media with the same passion as those in Kenya and Nepal.

What about you?

Do you speak the language of media? 

Servants Aid can create unique documentaries, specific to your vision, so that you can reach the world for Christ.

When we travel to you to on a media missions trip, we:

  • Sit down with you and collaborate on your vision for your film
  • Next we write a script & a storyboard & then get your approval
  • Then we shoot in various parts of your community for  b-roll (background footage)
  • Interview staff, neighbors and those who benefited from your good works
  • Double check to make sure we have everything we need
  • Return to the States and edit your film at our headquarters
  • Receive approval from you and then post on our social media sites
  • We can assist you in your uploading as well

If you have questions about this process please SCROLL to the bottom of this page and fill out our Contact Form.

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Christian Video Examples 

This video was produced for Bobby Benedict, a YWAM missionary, based in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Bobby and his wife run Homemade Cafe that caters to the local Thai neighborhood that the Benedict’s live in. (Update 2016: Homemade Cafe has been closed, however, Bobby and his wife are ministry partners in a health and fitness ministry in Chiang Rai.) 


Are you a fan of Christian Hip Hop? We made this very simple music video of Christian Hip Hop artist, Lecrae’s Gravity Record.  As of June 23rd, 2014, it has been viewed over 1, 059,000 times! Over 1 million times! You should read the comments from people who are just discovering Jesus for the first time through Christian Hip Hop.

When we were in Thailand, my wife and I directed and co-edited this video, with Giovanni Zappala, as students at MediaLight Asia’s film school. This story is about one family’s struggle during a challenging ten years of their marriage.

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