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Rosa Patrick hanging out in an Akha Village in Northern Thailand.

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If you have any questions about the services we provide, please contact us today. We have answers. Servants Aid is a Christian non-profit media missions ministry that provides complimentary media, missions and relief services. Our number one service is creating free media points so that our clients can share, with their supporters and the world, the work they are doing.

Many missionaries are not trained or have the equipment, software or the know how to build websites, create videos, design logos or how to properly operate their social media accounts. This is where Servants Aid excels. We call it media missions.

We tell your stories to your audience so that they can know you and your needs more intimately.

About Us-Servants Aid
Random store in Haiti, near Port-au-Prince.

If you are a missionary and or a small non-profit that needs free media services from us, please contact us today. Let’s starts the process of getting you some quality media that will transform your ministry and Lord willing, transform those you serve as well.

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