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When you donate to Servants Aid, your donation goes to support our work in  media, missions and disaster relief. Servants Aid is a non-profit Christian media missions ministry that provides complimentary Christian media services to missionaries and non-profits.

Donate to Servants Aid
This is Hannah, she is a beautiful gift from God. Ask us about her story!

We tell the stories of those serving Christ in the global community.

After you donate to Servants Aid, you will receive a confirmation email showing your donation has been received. Servants Aid uses Paypal for our online payment processing platform. Whenever you donate through this page, your information is secured using both Paypal and VeriSign security measures.

Donate to Servants Aid
Servants Aid in the mountains of Haiti at a Vacation Bible School

Your donation allows us to: 

  • Serve others on a full-time basis as Christian Media Missionaries
  • Purchases the needed resources that allows us to provide free media services
  • Serve others by coordinating media missions trips
  • Assist those traumatized by disasters with relief aid
  • Serve Jesus Christ by fulfilling the vision He gave us

Thanks be to God for your incredible gift.



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