Turnbulls in Haiti 2012

Wallace & Eleanor Turnbull Video

Wallace & Eleanor Turnbull

In 1946, Wallace Turnbull came to Haiti to be a Christian missionary. In 1948, he married Eleanor and they have been serving in Haiti for over 60 years. Today, Mr & Mrs Wallace, as they are affectionally known, live in Lynchburg, VA and travel to Haiti every year. Their next trip to the Caribbean Island is in October and they will be staying at the Baptist Haiti Mission house for three months.

Even though Servants Aid was based in Lynchburg, VA, we “ran into the Turnbulls randomly” on a rural mountain outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, back in February 2012. They have since become one of our missionary mentors.

The Turnbulls have one of the most unique ministries in Lynchburg, home to the world’s largest Christian university, Liberty. The late Reverend Jerry Falwell made a long-standing promise to the Turnbulls: Every year, Liberty will provide 2 full ride scholarships for 2 rural Haiti high school graduates from the Turnbulls highly successful mountain ministry. So at any given moment, there are 8 Haitian students that attend Liberty University on a full-ride scholarship, because of this promise made by the late Dr. Falwell.

To become a Liberty student is no easy feat for a rural Haitian.

There are over 168,000 elementary students in the Turnbulls ministries. Only about 2,000 make it to high school. Out of those 2,000, only about 15 qualify to apply for international studies at Liberty University.

Only 2 get chosen for the full-ride scholarship.

So, in essence, these 2 unique Liberty students, in their lifetime, have a chance of about 1 out of 84,000 to attend Liberty University. That’s some major overcoming! 

However, there are some people at Liberty that are challenging this program and it is in danger of being cancelled. 

Mr & Mrs Wallace have planted over 400 churches, hundreds of schools and have seen hundreds of thousands of rural Haitians receive education in traditional and spiritual development. Tens of thousands know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior because of their work in Haiti. This is unprecedented in Haiti’s history.

In fact, Mr Wallace recently received Haiti’s highest honor to a non-Haitian: The Commandeur Medal.

Friday at the National Palace, President Michel Martelly, decorated Pastor Wallace Turnbull (American origin, born in 1925), founder of the Conservative Baptist Mission of Haiti, with the Order of Honor and Merit, grade “Commandeur”.

Pastor Wallace Turnbull receiving the Order of Honor and Merit, grade "Commandeur" from Haitian President Martelly.
Pastor Wallace Turnbull receiving the Order of Honor and Merit, grade “Commandeur” from Haitian President Michel Martelly.

Last Friday, while eating breakfast with the Turnbulls, they asked (Paul) to make a video that shows the need and the success of this program that Liberty’s founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, promised them. The Turnbulls will use this video to show the need of the scholarship program to those decision makers at LU.

Please pray for us on this project as it’s close to our heart and, especially, to the Turnbulls and those who receive such a blessing.

UPDATE: January 2015

We have had a serious delay on this project. Just a few weeks into the Turnbull series, I, Paul Patrick, was hospitalized for 5 days due to post-kidney transplant complications. Then just a week later, we packed up everything and re{located} our home & Servants Aid to Atlanta, Georgia in November of 2014. Moving during the holidays can be quite tricky. Then our whole family got sick and ALL Servants Aid projects were put on hold til the New Year.

For those who have been following along, I deeply apologize for the delay on this special project as the Turnbulls’ are close friends and mentors of ours. We will get back on this project starting next week.



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