Media Missions

God is a storyteller.

Media Missions Trip in Haiti
Servants Aid on a media missions trip to the mountains in Haiti.

The foundation of all good media is the story being told in a clear and captivating way that moves the hearts of the listener (or viewer). God is the original storyteller. He is the creator of all things good and His only Son, Jesus, is the greatest story ever told. At Servants Aid, our mission is to share the story of Jesus to the “ends of the earth” so that some will believe and have everlasting life.

We are storytellers.

Servants Aid travels wherever the Spirit sends us so that we can:

  •  Meet our brothers and sisters in faith and learn their story
  • Write, Produce, Edit and Distribute their story online
  • Sometimes we educate others how they can do media missions

    Thai Buddhist Monk
    A Northern Thai Buddhist Monk chats with a cab driver.

Why Media Missions

There is a missionary in SE Asia that is required, by his sending church in the U.S., to produce 5-8 Youtube videos each year so that the church body can see the work his ministry is doing.  The purpose of these videos is to encourage others in the churches global vision so that the church will stay focused to the calling of sharing the Gospel.

These videos also serve another purpose in the scope of media missions. Donations to missions increases dramatically when the congregation can visualize the resources needed to continue the missionaries work.

Some are called to go. Some are called to send. Media Missions is for both: the goers and the senders.

 FAQ’s  How Servants Aid Does Media Missions

We are currently working on an explainer video so that missionaries can better understand how Servants Aid’s process of media missions is carried out. Below is a simple to follow guide to help you learn more about how we operate:

  • Yes, it’s Free: All of our services are free, however, we don’t manage or maintain any of the work we do. For example, if we build you a WordPress website, after Servant Aid is finished, you are responsible for maintaining your new website (this includes having a domain name, a hosting server, writing blogs, adding plugins, etc). We can help with troubleshooting and point you to helpful online tutorials, but once we are done with your project we have many other projects waiting too. We are able to manage or maintain your project for a small fee if that’s what you desire.
  • You Own It: Once we produce it and hand it over to you, it’s 100% yours. Some missionaries want us to put it online for them on our social media sites while some want the edited files so they can set the project up on their own. Whatever you want to do with the files, it’s okay with us. With one exception: You can’t sell the project we make to anyone, anything or any entity. We did the work for free and it must remain free for eternity.
  • Your Final Project: We do all of our editing in the States. This works one of two ways: 1) We travel to you then shoot, film and or start the production of your project and then take all the files Stateside and finalize the project here. We double check we have the footage we need before we leave your country. 2) You can send us your own files through email or cloud services and we can edit your project Stateside. Keep in mind that the quality of your project depends on the quality of the footage, especially for photography or videography. If your footage is bad, your project will be bad. However, we only accept certain file formats (psd, ai, wave, mp3, mp4, etc).

    Servants Aid Media Missions
    Paul in Thailand while attending MediaLight Institute’s film school.
  • Travel: We have passports and we can travel to you. However, our transportation, food and lodging must be covered by you or your ministry. Our media missionaries are 100% self funded…just like you. If we had to raise support for every time someone wanted us to fly to them, we’d have to raise tens of thousands of dollars each year, just for flights. Lord willing, we can travel on our own support, but we are not there yet.
  • Collaborations: You can collaborate with other missionaries to bring Servants Aid to you. Example: You live in SE Asia and you wish to have us travel to you and make a short documentary, a photoshoot and a website. However, for two (2) media missionaries to travel to you, it would cost you about $4000 for travel, food and lodging for 10 days. That could be expensive for you. But, if you partnered with 3 other missionaries (4 total) and wanted Servants Aid to be in SE Asia for 40 days (10 days for each missionary) then the cost would be about $5000 total, but only $1250 for each missionary. A more manageable number for everyone.

We hope this gives you a basic understanding of how Servants Aid can provide you and your small ministry free media services. If you have any more questions: CONTACT US HERE.

To stay informed about our work (maybe one day we will be traveling in your neck of the woods) sign up for our Monthly Newsletter. Scroll up just a little bit and you’ll see the form is located to your right. Mobile phones, the sign up will be below.

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