VP of Design Aimee Patrick

Aimee Patrick

Servants Aid provides complimentary media services to missionaries and non-profits. Some of our services include graphic design, photography and videography.

Jersey Girl Strong

Aimee Patrick is the Vice President of Design at Servants Aid and provides a much needed leadership role in the fields of Photography & Design. Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Aimee attended Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California before returning to her hallowed trails of Appalachia in Sussex County.

She has worked in various avenues of the fashion industry from Manhattan to Atlanta and smaller places in-between for the past decade. Like her twin sister, Aimee has always had an interest in music (she’s from a music family), being a classically trained pianist. She has toured across Europe, played in Carnegie Hall, lead worship for Vineyard in New Jersey (and other places), but her favorite is playing her 1908 Standup Grand Piano with her little Rosebud in the kitchen at home.

Aimee is so old school that she can print her own photographs…not that she does anymore, but she could if she wanted too! She has served as a media missionary in Haiti and Thailand, including attending MediaLight Asia’s Film School in the beautiful Northern Thai city of Chiang Rai.

In 2015, after realizing God has called her to write music, Aimee attended a song writing seminar weekend with one of her favorite musicians, John Mark McMillian. Her desire is to record her original songs so that others can worship Jesus.

Aimee is an avid hiker, trail runner and professional mommy to her & Paul’s only child, Rosa Jane.




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