Patrick Family

Paul Patrick

Meet Paul 

A native of Michigan, Paul has traveled all over the world as a professional mascot and, later in life, as a Christian missionary. Growing up in a large family that lived in the lower middle class of society, American poverty was no stranger to his family. However, he had big dreams. When Paul was 8 years old, his grandmother gave the family a globe and a collection of adventure books. Those books and that globe took root into Paul’s life and a desire to serve God as a missionary soon developed.

At 16 years old, Paul traveled to Burkina Faso, a very poor country in West Africa, and for three weeks served others in the capitol of Ouagadougou along side his step-dad and others from Colonial Woods Missionary Church. In 1996, as a sophomore at Liberty University, he promised Jesus that he would serve God, as a missionary, when ever and where ever the Holy Spirit guided him.

After a successful career as a professional mascot, Paul “retired” from mascoting in 2007 and attended missionary training with then Missions to Unreached Peoples (now called Act Beyond) in Chiang Rai, Thailand. In 2008, he also trained with Swiss based disaster relief NGO, MedAir for disaster relief training.

After returning from his training in Thailand and Switzerland, Paul founded Servants Aid in 2008, after discovering the need for free media services in the missionary and international Christian community.

In late 2009, after an 8 year battle with IgA Nephropathy, Paul needed a life saving kidney transplant. In 2010 he was put on dialysis and then on January 28th, 2011, his oldest sister saved his life by giving him her kidney.

It was during this challenging time, in 2010 that Paul met his future wife, Aimee, and they were married in June 2011, two months after Aimee donated her kidney to a stranger on the waiting list at Ohio State University. The Patricks have two daughters, Rosa & Willow.

Seven Interesting Tidbits About Paul 

  1. He and his oldest sister were growled at by a wild bear in the woods when they were little kids and lived in the Northern Michigan. This was after two people had been killed that summer by bears and after their mother told them to be careful while playing outside.
  2. Paul almost drowned in Lake Huron when he was in the 6th grade. A friend he was swimming with, saved his life.
  3. While skateboarding on a backwoods country road in Michigan, a huge tour bus passed Paul and Willie Nelson waved to him as the bus drove by.
  4. Paul and his wife Aimee met on Facebook while they were both attempting to help raise money for Haiti relief through the disaster relief NGO, MedAir.
  5. Doctors said he had a 33% chance of not living past 29 and if he did, he probably wouldn’t have children (because of chemo treatments for his severe kidney disease). He’s 40 something and has two beautiful daughters.
  6. Skateboarding and American football are his two favorite sports. In that order.
  7. Paul has traveled to 26 countries and has eaten pizza in almost all of them. The best pizza in the world can be found in Chicago.
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