Aimee’s Instagram Page 

Aimee's Instagram Page
Thai Bridge before a storm in Chiang Rai.

Director of Design for Servants Aid, Aimee Patrick, highlights the ministry and her family through photography. She is an avid Instagram phanatic and captures some amazing shots with her iPhone. Aimee’s Instagram Page is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether she is hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, running on the Blackwater Creek Trail  or crossing off her “To-Do” list, Aimee’s Instagram Page will not disappoint the photo enthusiast.

Aimee's Instagram Page
Htoi playing guitar at MediaLight 5.0

Aimee’s Instagram Page will be saturated with pictures of her beautiful daughters. But fear not, there will be architectural, landscape, profiles and a host of all kinds of interesting shots. Aimee is classically trained in photography, back when dark rooms were the norm and each click of the button actually mattered. She recently returned from a three month media film school in Thailand and was trained in DSLR and Mobile/Instagram photography by MediaLight Asia staff.

Yes, there is such a course.

The two pictures highlighted above and to your right were taken in 2013 while the Patrick’s were in Thailand. Many times Aimee and Rosa walked across the Thai Bridge to get to a large Walmart type shopping center. The bridge spans over Highway 1, the main highway that runs from Northern Thailand down to Bangkok. On this particular day, a massive storm system was forming and Aimee was able to snap a pic before the heaven’s opened up.

Aimee's Instagram Page
Rosa hanging out in the Chiang Ja Sai Akha Village!

One of the class assignments at MediaLight 5.0 (film school) was to learn how to utilize social media, specifically, Instagram. Already an avid mobile photographer, Aimee excelled in this subject and shows her skills by capturing this beautiful shot of Htoi, a fellow media missionary, from Myanmar. Htoi is a pastor and adoptive Uncle to the Patrick’s daughter. He taught Rosa how to take steps forward when she was 6 months old.

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We hope you enjoy Aimee’s Instagram Page below.

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