The Servants Aid Story

In 2008, Servants Aid’s founder, Paul Patrick,  lived in Northern Thailand and trained for missions with Missions to Unreached People (Now called Act Beyond). During his training, he attended a large missions conference and observed a disturbing trend in missions.

The lack of quality media for missionaries with MUP.

This media gap that missionaries with MUP had, if they had any at all, was evident by the poor quality of promo videos being shown during breakout sessions. Paul was among some of the most humble and giving people in the world that left the comforts of their homes to live among the poor,  broken-hearted and lost to share the Gospel of Jesus. Yet few people back home would ever watch their stories or discover their needs via the internet because they either lacked online media or their online presence was, to be honest, horrible.

The Holy Spirit planted a thought in his heart, “What if you provided free video production for missionaries?”

How could someone who had zero video training and a tad bit more video skills do such a huge project?

By 2008, Paul had only edited two, maybe three videos in his life and the Holy Spirit was asking him to think about creating a ministry producing videos.

However, when God gives you a desire…

So, in the late summer of 2008, Servants Aid was born.

Where Did the Name Come From?

Paul lived at Baan Athitaan Church in Chiang Rai and he had a Thai roommate from the Hmong Tribe. His name is Sa.

Sa taught Paul how to drive a motorcycle in the confusing Thai streets. He showed him where the great restaurants were in Chiang Rai. A friendship quickly developed as Sa was the only Thai man who worked at Baan Athitaan Church.

Driving a motorbike in Thailand is no easy task for an American.Thai’s drive on the opposite side of the road and that creates lots of challenges after years of American driving.

Sa, in essence, taught Paul how to stay alive in Thailand.

There were many times when Paul would get back from his work in the Chiang Rai community and he would ask Sa to join him for dinner. Sa would always come, no matter what he was doing.

It wasn’t long before Paul found out that Sa ate dinner early and whenever he was asked, Sa would join Paul because he didn’t want Paul to eat alone.

Then there was the epic one way, 4-hour motorcycle overnight road trip to Sa’s village. They risked life and limb driving a 110cc motorbike up and down dangerous mountain roads, including getting a flat tire in some of the most remote mountains in Northeastern Thailand…just a few kilometers from Laos.

It was on this trip that Paul witnessed Christians getting persecuted in small rural villages. Sa’s family were animist (except his youngest sibling) and Paul witnessed Sa’s family building their altar and worshiping in the animistic way. Then minutes later, Sa, his sister and Paul went to the only Christian church in the area that Sunday morning.

Paul met other first generation Christians who experienced their own forms of persecution in that small mountain church and was blown away by their humble means.

Then Paul & Sa went to the school where Sa attended as a kid and it was here Sa completed the reason for this epic & dangerous adventure:

Sa needed to vote in the national election and it’s Thai law for people to vote in the village or city of their birth.

Perspective gained.

So, when the idea to provide complimentary media started to become a reality, Paul wanted to start a ministry with the initials, S & A, after his Hmong roommate, Sa.

After much writing and brainstorming, the idea of providing free media help or aid to the servants of Jesus Christ transformed into giving servant’s aid.

Paul later found out “Sa” is actually spelled “Xab”. That might have made things a little more difficult in creating non-profit after his old roommate!

The Future

The gap in quality media for missionaries is wide. Servants Aid’s goal is to bridge that gap with complimentary media points so that the missionaries can better spend their time with their families, community and outreach so that more people can hear about Jesus.

We also want to share with others what we are doing. We are learning as we go just like many others. Please consider sharing out link to those who may need our complimentary services.

We need your help in telling their stories!

Here’s what you can do:

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