Servants Aid: About Us

Servants Aid is a group of media missionaries that combine their creative talents so that those who are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ could have their stories told.

About Servants Aid

For free.

Servants Aid’s mission is unique in that after 6 years of research, we have only found two other ministries that provide media missions work.

For free.

There are plenty of for-profit organizations that will provide media services for profit, but media resources can be very expensive for the individual missionary and for smaller ministries. Servants Aid is a non-profit Christian media missions organization and is 100% dependent on individual and corporate donations.

Servants Aid: Our Vision

Servants Aid is a multi-tiered ministry specializing in, Media, Missions and Relief. We will provide the Body of Jesus Christ with complimentary Media Missions services and products, that will further advance The Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world so that The Great Commission can be fulfilled.

Harnessing the technology that this generation has at it’s finger tips, Servants Aid will seek, disciple and send out Media Missionaries into the world, including cyberspace.

In co-operation with our Media Missionary vision, Servants Aid will also partner with those in the traditional missions field, including assisting with relief efforts caused by war, hunger and or natural disasters. Servants Aid is a multi-tiered ministry specializing in, Media, Missions and Relief.

Servants Aid: Our Mission

Servants Aid will utilize missions and relief opportunities, to provide Christian missionaries with complimentary media services all over the globe.

Servants Aid: Our Values

  • Go: We are Media Missionaries called to GO into the world while utilizing technology.
  • Disciple: The purpose of going is to develop DISCIPLES of all men and women for Jesus Christ.
  • Baptize: Our goal is to BAPTIZE them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…
  • Teach: And to TEACH them to obey the commandments of Jesus Christ.
  • Boldness: We do so with BOLDNESS because Jesus said, “And surely I am with you, until the very end of the age.”

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