Servants Aid Staff

Our staff at Servants Aid are dedicated and passionate about media, missions and disaster relief. Their desire is to fulfill the commandments of Jesus Christ to Go, Disciple, Baptize, Teach and to do so with Boldness; so that the world may know their Creator.

All of our staff are trained in either media, missions or disaster relief. Because our mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all staff must have repented of theirs sins, put their faith in Jesus Christ and have been baptized in the name of the Father, His only Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In Christianity we call this being “born again”. All staff must be in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ while loving their neighbor as themselves.

If you would like to get in contact with any of us here at Servants Aid, please click here.

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Patrick Family

Paul Patrick

Director, Paul Patrick, founded Servants Aid, a media missions ministry, after living in Northern Thailand in 2008 and learning about the gap in quality media in international missions.

VP of Design Aimee Patrick

Aimee Patrick

Co-Director, Aimee Patrick, brings a fresh and much needed eye for all things design to Servants Aid. Photography is in the breath she breathes and is passionate about using her skills for media missions.