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John Fitts Missionary To Haiti

John Fitts: Haiti Missionary

John Fitts: Christian Missionary To Haiti Our good friend, John Fitts, is in need of financial support for his work in Haiti. We are helping him with his fundraising efforts via GoFundMe. The following is a short excerpt from the Go Fund Me page. To learn more please visit Go Fund Me by clicking here and […]

starbucks in taiwan

Starbucks in Taiwan

Starbucks in Taiwan This morning I was sorting through some paper work when I came across an old piece of construction paper. On it was written one short sentence about the Starbucks at the Taipei Airport in Taiwan. I’ve been meaning to tell this story for three years. Better late than never I guess. This […]

Boys from riverside heat water from the Nairobi River in the remains of fire to wash their faces and hands in the morning. 
The boys, who live downtown at a place called Riverside (near the Nairobi River) burn tires to keep warm, and to gather the metal remains to give to the government.

Missionary Jobs: In the field

Missionary Jobs You Can Do  What comes to your mind if you were asked “What do missionaries do”? Do you think of any of the following: They save people. They live in huts. They eat weird things. They are Bible-know-it-alls. They are better than me. They can’t find a real job. They force their beliefs […]