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The Servants Aid blog features content relevant to the mission of our ministry. Our blog aims to teach you to, act, inspire and lead others to Jesus, while at the same time, strengthening your relationship with our Savior. There are thousands of languages spoken all over the world, but today there is a new language that many are fluent in.

Media. Yes, media is the new language of the world. And everyone is fluent in it, from cell phones in the jungles of Africa to the iPads in the city streets of Vancouver, many are spreading their message for all to see. Servants Aid is fluent in the media language and we love to speak it!

Here are 3 Main Reasons Why The Servants Aid Blog is For You

1. Jesus + You + Media = Media Missionary 

The main mission of Servants Aid is to build a bridge over the wide gap that separates international missionaries from their family, friends, supporters and church in the form of media (video, websites, etc). This is important for a number of reasons. First, when a missionary tells the story of their work, say, in India, via a Youtube video or a website, you can almost count on that video or website to be of poor quality. It’s not for a lack of trying though! Missionaries are usually talented in evangelism, preaching or teaching, not in Dreamweaver, WordPress, Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro.

How many missionaries know what the Rule of Thirds mean?

This is where media missions and a media missionary can, literally, transform a missionary’s ministry for the glory of God. A good looking video, with relevant content will be viewed by more people (and more times) than a poorly made video with a hard to follow storyline.

The Servants Aid Blog hopes to communicate the need for more media missionaries and to connect or point a media missionary in the direction he or she can go to help bridge that media gap. We will also post “How To” videos and talk about the latest in Christian media and in the creative marketplace. 

Whether you are purchasing the equipment for yourself or you are hiring a creative design team to produce a media piece for you, media is an expensive investment. A semi-pro camera, like the Canon 70D, with stock lens (which is an average lens) will run you about $1,400. This doesn’t include SD cards, a tripod or extra batteries for those long treks into villages, that might not have electricity. Do we need to mention the cost of computer editing software to make your footage look great?

Media missions and the potential to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ deeper and farther into the global community is something every missionary should (i.e., must) find a way to merge into their personal ministry.

2. Media Missionary + Missions = Media Missions

The Servants Aid blog will explore the world as a missions field and share with our readers unique and inspiring stories of those who serve, have served or will serve God’s only Son, Jesus Christ. Our motto, if you will, is “media, missions and relief“. At the center of everything that we do is missions. John Piper once said, “Missions exist because worship doesn’t. People don’t worship the God that made them.” Missions isn’t the main focus, worship is, but missions is the means to show and tell people to worship our Creator.

So what does worship look like…in Atlanta? In California? What about Zaire? Or Norway? How do the hilltribes in SE Asia? How do they worship? The Servants Aid blog seeks to explore the missions field to inspire others to go deeper with Christ and maybe…go out to share Christ with others.

Fueled by the Spirit, we hope to share what God is doing through those proclaiming Jesus’ name to the unreached.

3. Disaster + You + Relief = Hope 

Relief from disasters, war and famine. It’s something that, for most of us, is completely foreign. Have you ever assisted after a tornado? Earthquake? Flood? Have you ever traveled to a place ravished by a famine? War? The Servants Aid blog will also share insight, stories and tips about disaster situations and how the need is great for relief help throughout the world.

When relief comes to those in need, it’s like manna from Heaven.  

Do you believe in our mission? 

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